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God of War Ascension: new multiplayer trailer focuses on Ares alignment

God of War: Ascension has received a new trailer from Santa Monica Studio and Sony, focusing on the Ares alignment. Pledge your allegiance to Ares and you're going to be one tough warrior indeed.

The video explains the benefits of worshipping Ares in multiplayer, and if you head over to the PS Blog, you'll find information on how best to utilize Ares, and tips on acquiring and upgrading relics.

How does increased attack power sound, or perhaps a skill that boosts your attack with every subsequent hit? This is definitely an alignment geared towards tank players, and as the trailer above shows, it pairs well with big weapons.

In other God of War: Ascension news, there will be a multiplayer beta arriving via PS Plus and other channels before the year is through. Check out the details here.

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