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Glitch invites delayed to counter overcrowding

Tiny Speck has explained that the long queue to get on board unusual MMO Glitch is a deliberate throttling of newbies, not the result of sever overload.

"It’s not a technical issue - servers are running fine and it takes moments to add more capacity," studio founder Stewart Butterfield wrote on the game's blog today.

"Instead, we’ve been throttling a little bit to make sure the starter areas are not overcrowded."

Butterfield explained that the throttling ensures new players have a reasonable experience with a good veteran to fellow newbie ratio - as do the former beta testers keen to help out.

Tiny Speck has been building new starter areas to distribute the hordes of baffled beginners around the game's single-server world, and is chewing through its backlog of invite requests.

"We’ve let in about 9,000 people so far today and are still 29 hours behind right now but we expect to have that down to about 12 hours this evening," Butterfield continued.

"Again, many apologies to those who have been made to wait. We are excited to have you join us and we know it can be frustrating checking your email. You’ll only need a little more patience though: we’re going at max speed!"

Glitch opened its doors earlier this after an extended period of beta testing. Response has been immediate and enthusiastic.


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