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Glitch assets available under Creative Commons license

Glitch will leave a long legacy, both in its players' minds and in more concrete form, like the release of many of its assets.

Developer Tiny Speck has chosen to make sprites, animated GIFs and text conversation files for many item and inhabitants of the unusual and lovely MMO.

Tiny Speck has no plans at present to close the Encyclopaedia, and will make more assets available when it can.

It also plans to find a better solution than the Creative Commons license it has employed, but for now, a dedicated forum thread should help you understand what you can and can't do with this generous gift.

More details are available on the Tiny Speck blog, or head straight to the Encyclopaedia and look for assets at the bottom of selected entries.

Glitch was shuttered in December, much to our distress. It is memorialised by an art book and soundtrack.

Thanks, PlayerAttack.

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