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Gibeau: "We've already uncovered new ways of playing Battlefield," with Wii U

EA games label president Frank Gibeau has said the controller for Wii U controller provided the firm with "new plays to play Battlefield," as an example.

Speaking in a small video over on Nintendo's site, Gibeau said the new controller is going to revolutionize "what's happening in consoles," and that it is a "phenomenal piece of technology."

"What's really going to make it stand out for core gamers is the new controller," he said. "It's touchscreen, it's elegant and it works seamlessly with the experience. And we've just had a little bit of time with it now and we've already uncovered new ways of playing Battlefield, for example, that we're really excited about.

"You can imagine that there are new ways of playing the game from a commander mode or for being able to drive from a different position inside of a vehicle. What I really liked about it was how good it felt in your hands. In addition to that it's super powerful. It allows you to do a lot of different things no other controller can do.

"We couldn't be happier than to be partners with Ninteno on this new platform."

Watch the video for yourself through here, and check out the list of confirmed and probably titles coming to Wii U here.

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