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First proper Mass Effect 3 info – plot details, multiplay nixed

Not even 24 hours after Mass Effect 3 was confirmed as being on Game Informer's next cover, the first proper information on the sure-to-giant BioWare RPG is now online.

Warning: SPOILERS.

The game starts out with Shepard on trial on earth following the events of Mass Effect 2's final DLC pack, Arrival. During the hearing, though, the Reapers start their invasion of the planet.

As well as that, Cerberus, the mysterious organisation that played a major part in Mass Effect 2, is out to kill Shepard. The Illusive Man is said to play an crucial role in ME3.

Squadmates confirmed for the game include Garrus, Liara and, depending on a choice made in Mass Effect 1, Kaiden or Ashley, with Wrex, Mordin, Legion and Anderson to also appear as non-party members - that's assuming everyone's still alive after your adventures in ME1 and ME2.

If you're new to the series, the game will start out with a "Previously on Mass Effect" comic that enables you to make decisions in a similar fashion to the comic at the beginning of the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2.

The game will have multiple ending, some for good and some for bad. These will be influenced by who who you recruit to your squad.

While the game won't be reverting to the Mass Effect 1 standard, RPG elements will be beefed up for ME3. More freedom will be given to character skills, skill trees will be bigger and your powers will evolve several times instead of just once.

The weapons in the game will be based on ME2, but will include mods, which will enable you to swap out gun parts, such as barrels, and scopes.

All classes will now go unhindered in terms of weapons, but will be limited in terms of carrying capacity. The only class to carry unlimited weapons is the soldier.

Despite previous speculation saying, there's no multiplayer. BioWare apparently told Game Informer that it'll look at it for future games or spin-offs, but it won't be in ME3.

Mass Effect 3 releases this holiday season for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

Thanks, GAF.

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