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Ghostbusters to be "put out to tender": source

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Speaking under conditions of anonymity, a UK source familiar with the situation surrounding the Activision Blizzard merger has confirmed that Ghostbusters has not been canned, and is to be put out to tender.

The game was assumed lost overnight when Activision confirmed that the only Vivendi games to make the transition in Acitivision Blizzard would be Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age, Spyro, Prototype and an as-yet unannounced property.

"I wouldn't use the word 'canned' on Ghostbusters if I were you," VG247 was told this morning. "It's basically being put out to tender. Considering where it is in development, hopefully someone else will pick it."

While the situation with Ghostbusters seems clear, there appears to be some confusion as to the state of play of other IPs such as World in Conflict and Wet.

"I guess that if there are Sierra games that aren't mentioned in the Activision press release, then they're part and parcel of the stuff that's going out to tender, but I don't know for sure," said the source.

From the sound of it, the s**t is most definitely hitting a lot of fans regarding Activision Blizzard today. More soon.

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