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Ghost Recon Breakpoint reviews round-up, all the scores

Ghost Recon Breakpoint reviews are starting to drop, and it's not looking pretty.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not a sequel to Wildlands, despite the relatively brief span of time between them. Breakpoint is set in the fictional island of Auroa, home of a highly-advanced tech company. After a series of miscalculations on the part of management, the island is taken over by former Ghosts gone rogue, lead by Cole Walker - played by Jon Bernthal.

Structurally, Breakpoint borrows from Wildlands and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It's an action game first, with loot, crafting and other RPG systems layered on top. Outside of human enemies, Breakpoint's other major combatants are drones, which come in many different shapes and sizes and offer the game's biggest challenge.

Breakpoint is always online, meant to be played in co-op, though it does support single-player. The game has already caught flak for its excessive microtransactions, a few of which have been taken out for now.

Breakpoint review code went out when the early access kicked off earlier this week, so don't expect too many reviews today. With that said, here are the few we've spotted.

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