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Gears of War 2 ranking update and map pack dated


Epic has announced that the next title update for Gears of War 2 set to go live on March 24.

The Snowblind Map Pack is set for a March 31 release, the company's said.

The title update will implement a new experience ranking system, with the TrueSkill system ranks being hidden. It will still be used, though, to "set up the most competitive matches possible." 

The newest ranking system allows player to earn scoring experience for public matches all the way up to level 100.

When you reach certain predetermined levels, you'll receive the following Achievements:

  • Rookie Gear - level 5
  • Seasoned Gear - level 15
  • Battle-Tested Gear - level 25
  • Battle-Hardened Gear - level 50
  • Veteran Gear  - level 100
  • Four unnamed achievements

The Snowblind pack includes four new multiplayer maps: Grindyard, Under Hill, Courtyard and Fuel Depot which is a remake of an original Gears level.

The update's free. No price announced for the map pack yet.

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