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Gears 5 players getting 5 days of boost and 600 Scrap as apology for launch weekend troubles

The Gears 5 Ultimate Edition early access launch was marred by major server issues, but those who suffered through them won't be forgotten.

Gears 5 developer The Coalition has announced it'll be compensating all Gears 5 Ultimate Edition players for the game's shaky launch. The Ultimate Edition, which launched late on Thursday, has suffered from significant matchmaking and connection problems.

Everything from campaign, to Horde and versus multiplayer were seeing extended matchmaking times, not to mention randomly kicking players with a myriad of errors. Even things as seemingly simple as the post-match results weren't showing up correctly for players.

I ran into these problems myself playing campaign and spent about an hour trying to get into a Horde match. When it finally happened, the server crashed towards the end of the round.

As apology for launch weekend troubles, The Coalition will be gifting all players five days of boost for all XP earnings, and 600 Scrap. Scrap is used to craft skill cards, which is another thing players missed out on earning as a result of constantly disconnecting.

Gears 5 is otherwise an excellent game, though hopefully today's standard edition launch won't have any more problems.

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