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Gears 2's Ortega: "Like Spinal Tap, right? Let's go to 11"

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If there's one quote that should give you an idea of what to expect to Gears of War 2, it's probably this. The game's writer, Josh Ortega doesn't want top marks. He's going over the edge, baby.

"The first one was good and if we can find a way to do ten times better, than I'd be impressed," he told X3F at PAX. "That sounds hard, but sure, why not?

"I say the original Gears was like the ten, but sure, let's go to 11. Like Spinal Tap, right? Let's go to 11."

It takes a special game to go to 11. That's all the way. Past the point of no return. Maybe the extra "one" will come from going twos-up on a brumark with Dom. God only knows.

Game's out on November 7, which, incidentally, is highly likely to be the day Resistance 2 launches in Europe. Good stuff.

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