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GDC: Piracy forcing PC games onto console, says Supreme Commander man

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According to this, Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor said that piracy is a lead factor in moving games like Supreme Commander onto consoles.

"Well one of the key things that is really affecting the economics and the success of gaming in general is piracy on the PC," he said, talking at GDC. "So one of the reasons we'll see RTSs on the console is because people can't pirate it. That's why we're going to see a lot more of everything on the console. When you look at the sales of really hardcore games like Crysis and you think, 'Wow, those games should have sold a lot more,' you realize that's probably due in large part to piracy. And you realize that a game like Crysis would have done its true numbers if it had launched on console first."

Taylor's intricate RTS, Supreme Commander, will make its way to Xbox 360 later this year.

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