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GDC Europe announce more talks for design and business tracks

The organisers of GDC Europe have announced more talks for the event in August. As part of the design and business tracks, the new talks will take place from Monday 19 August through to Wednesday 21 August. These additions will be talks from Steven Masters on Assassin's Creed III's design, Don Daglow on the 'treasures and traps' of next-gen and Epic's James Brown on empowering the player in storytelling.

Courtesy of Gamasutra, Ubisoft Montreal's Steven Masters will discuss designing Assassin's Creed III, organising the work of 600 people across 3 years and reinvigorating gameplay.

Don Daglow will be discussing the challenges and opportunities that lie in next-gen, with his experience including the first baseball game, PC RPG and god game. He will explore questions like: What if download-only games were the norm on next-gen game consoles? What would your favorite game feel like that was different from what we're used to getting from the US/Canada, Japan and the UK? What would F2P feel like on console? What if the online interaction were the most important feature for the player?

Finally, James Brown of Epic Games and the Gears of War franchise will explore storytelling in games, more specifically whether a game's pre-crafted story and a player's organic story can co-exist, and if not, which should take precedence.

More talks will be revealed in the lead up to the event. Registration is open now!

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