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GDC: Dragon Age is back to the "core BioWare experience", says Zeschuk

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Bioware president Greg Zeschuk has said that the long awaited fantasy RPG Dragon Age will get back to BioWare's traditional routes, invoking images of yesteryear classic Baldur's Gate.

"Dragon Age you can picture fitting back into the more core BioWare experience," he said. "It's fun for us to get back to fantasy. There's a huge amount of passion for that... We'll certainly have humor, but the world is a pretty heavy world. I don't think it's a direct social commentary, but there's a lot of strife…it feels very mature. It's not like a kids fantasy where there's dancing elves. It's for adults."

Colour us very excited. In a recent conference call, EA pinned this for a 2009 release.

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