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GDC 2010: Deus Ex 3, Yamaoka, Arkham Asylum lectures announced


Think Services has announced more speaking engagements for GDC next month, including lectures on Deus Ex 3, music composition from Silent Hill producer Akira Yamaoka, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Eidos Montreal art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete will host a lecture on "The Successes and Failures of Creating a Near-Future Cyberpunk Setting with a Renaissance Twist in Deus Ex 3", which is expected to include information on the title. The lecture will be discussing "the creative underpinnings behind the unique blend of art style that combines the past, present and future in the next evolution of the Deus Ex franchise" and "The title's 'Cyber Renaissance' look is infused across the fashion, characters, environments and story, formulating the essence of a visually impactful experience."

Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, who just joined Grasshopper Manufacture, will chat about his views on "audio design in games from a producer's perspective" and how with "few technological limits remaining, we can focus on achieving realism and interaction". The lecture is called "As Long as the Audio is Fun, the Game Will Be Too".

In "The Art Direction of Batman: Arkham Asylum - Rebooting a Super Hero Video Game IP", Rocksteady's David Hego chats about the "challenges of taking a well known IP to new grounds" and "how to stay true to the spirit of 70 years of Batman comics".

All sound rather interesting.

Other keynotes and lecturers announced so far include: Sid Meier, Yoshio Sakamoto, Tim Schafer, Peter Molyneux, and three Final Fantasy spots.

Look for more keynotes to be announced, leading up to the March 9-13 event.

Via GameSetWatch.

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