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Garry’s Mod moved over to SteamPipe next week

Garry's Mod will be switching over to Valve's new content delivery system SteamPipe next week. The new system changes the way games and dedicated servers aree downloaded, updated and stored on Steam.

While this is good news, what with vastly reduced load times and more frequent updates, there's a slight downside: any add-ons manually installed might not get carried over, so you should make a back up your copy of your Garry’s Mod folder.

Those who run a server will need to follow these instructions.

For those you liked to make mods for Garry’s Mod, you should know that with Steampipe, it will be a bit easier as all of the files are extracted to disk instead of being in a gcf and development branch requests can be added instantly.

"Your add-on or gamemode can be tested with the development branch and problems can be found before we ship the update to the release branch," said the man himself.

Check out more information through the links.

Thanks, PCgamesN.

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