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GameStop - DLC attach rates at the chain are up to 50% in some cases

GameStop's director of retail digital distribution, Brad Schliesser, has said attach rates for DLC at the retail chain are up to 50% in some cases.

Speaking with VentureBeat, Schliesser said DLC does a better job of attaching the chain's customers to a game than accessories or add-ons, due to the fact "it's so easy for the consumer to understand what it is they're getting."

Schliesser said the Mass Effec 3 DLC From Ashes was picked up day-one by 50% of GameStop customers, and store employees were instrumental in informing customers of the product which digital stores are unable to offer.

GameStop reported $127 million in digital sales last quarter, which accounted for over 7% of its $1.77 billion in revenues.

Thanks, GI International.

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