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Gamestop boss: Wii cut may come to US, PS2 drop was too late


Gamestop CEO Dan DeMatteo has told CNBC that a Wii price cut may become inevitable in the US, thanks to dwindling demand.

"I think [demand for] the Wii could slow down to the extent that Nintendo may want to cut the price," he said.

"Nintendo has it within its arsenal to do that. The component costs have come down considerably. They used to break even on the Wii, but now they're making a considerable margin."

Clearly having his console price cut head on today, the exec said the Sony's recent PS2 price drop was too little, too late.

"To be honest, it really wasn't worth doing," he said.

"If they'd done it earlier, publishers probably would have kept making games for the PS2, but once they've stopped, they've stopped."

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