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Games Convention press conference 10am Monday, confusion over new name

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Following heavy speculation that Games Convention was to move to Cologne from Leipzig, German newspaper the FAZ has reported that the move is in fact correct, and that the new name for the show is Games Con.

"That report's not official," said a senior German source. "FAZ seems to know something, the local paper in Leipzig seems to know something. One is saying it's called Games Con, another is saying it's called Games Com. I've seen reports saying it's called Isn't owned by AOL? It's bullshit. We'll know for certain what's going on at the press conference on Monday morning."

Leipziger Messe has confirmed that a press conference will be held in Leipzig on Monday at 10am CET.

Games Convention as an IP is owned by Leipziger Messe. FAZ had previously reported that the show was to be moved from Leipzig to Cologne for its 2009 show, and would likely have to have its name changed for legal reasons. Another option for the move, said the report, was for the Messe to license the IP to a new events company in Cologne for €450,000 for three years.

We'll know on Monday, German games show fans.

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