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Gamers with retail copies of Darksiders without voucher codes get a second chance


Those in the US who purchased Darksiders new for consoles and didn't get a voucher code in their package for a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla are not out of luck - Vigil has you covered.

You can still get the game, kiddos, providing you meet some conditions.

Just grab your original receipt, cut off the game's barcode, fill out this mail-in form and throw all three in an envelope along with a check for $4.99 to cover shipping and mail it to THQ by March 7 to claim your free game.

Hopefully, you still have your receipt.

It would also be wise to keep a copy of these items on file, and it would probably be smart to get a a return slip when mailing it from the post office - just to be safe.

Those still on the fence regarding the game should check out the demo that hits next week.

The game was released to the world back in January.

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