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GameFly has some great deals on PC games, and a 20% off coupon

BioShock Infinite can be yours for 53% off through GameFly, that's after you factor a coupon which gives you an extra 20% off. So instead of paying the regular sale price of $34.99, you'll be able to grab it for $27.99. If you already own Infinite, other digital titles are on sale through the service, and after you factor in the 20% coupon on top of the markdown, you can get the following games for cheaper than the norm: Crysis 3 - $23.99, Dead Space 3 - $23.99, the Mass Effect Trilogy (plus DLC)- $15.99, Borderlands 1 + 2 Bundle - $15.99, The Walking Dead Game - $6.79, Hitman: Absolution - $4.79, and Fallout: New Vegas - $3.19. There's more titles on sale for 50% off or more though, so start shopping through the link. Thanks, VentureBeat.

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