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Game UK: Sony's E3 conference "stepped up to the plate" with PS4 showing

Sony's PS4 showing last night "stepped up to the plate" following Microsoft's Xbox One conference hours earlier. That's the opinion of retailer Game, which is now accepting £20 pre-order fees for Sony's £349 console.

In a statement sent to VG247 this morning, a Game spokesperson wrote, "After Microsoft's opening conference everyone wanted to know how Sony would respond - and they definitely stepped up to the plate. With a 2013 release date and a price tag of £349, gamers know what to expect - and we're very excited for the launch this side of Christmas.

"Sony's messages were loud and clear: you can trade in games at retail, share your games with friends, and no need for an always-on connection. More great news for current Sony fans was that existing memberships for PlayStation Plus will continue from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4."

The retailer is also keen on GaiKai cloud gaming services and the string of new exclusives heading to PS4 including The Order: 1886 and multi-format releases like Destiny.

Should you wish to now order a PS4 via Game you can do so here.

Meanwhile you can get all of the news and trailers from Sony's pre-E3 conference last night here.

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