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GAME Australia seeking independent financial backing

With backing from its international parent likely to dissolve, GAME Australia is striking out for independence.

"GAME’s businesses around the world are going through a challenging time. Regarding our business locally, Australia is a separate legal entity and business from the UK, with a separate management team. The choices that GAME’s UK entities are making don’t necessarily impact us here," managing director Paul Yardley said in a statement given to MCV Pacific.

GAME UK's parent company has a 100% stake in GAME Australia, but If the UK side does go down the gurgler - which looks increasingly likely - Yardley hopes to have a back up plan in place.

"In case the UK entities do go into administration, the Australian management team and I are working hard on a number of viable alternative options for our business," he said.

These alternate options include short-term investments or even a full buy-out.

In the meantime, it's business as usual.

“We are fortunate that we have strong relationships with local publishers and continue to work closely with them. We will keep stocking the latest releases, as well as honouring all our pre-orders."

GAME employs 600 Australians.

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