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Gaikai's launch was delayed by "Zero Day" demo servers

Dave Perry has said Gaikai's late launch was a result of choosing to meet publisher demand for "ultra" streaming from day one of a new game's release.

"Some of the publishers gave me a challenge last September, and I accepted it," Perry told Big Download.

"The challenge was to run the highest end games, on 'ultra' settings, at 60 frames per second with no work needing to be done by them.

"We decided to delay our launch and have been hammering away on this challenge."

Perry said in just six months, the Gaikai team created a new kind of dedicated server to meet publishers needs, and had them on show at GDC.

"The result was we needed to design a second kind of server, what we call the 'Zero Day' server that lets publishers get their titles streaming immediately," he said.

"It also allows stereoscopic 3D streaming amongst other things."

The Zero Day server will allow publishers to stream demos of new titles directly to consumers, without the frequently-prohibitive man-hours involved in producing a stand-alone demo of reasonable size.

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