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Gaikai ready to stream full games

Gaikai is locked and loaded to deliver full game streaming, to everywhere and on everything, according to Dave Perry.

Perry told GamesIndustry the scheme is ready to go live for all partners, but will launch about three months after a Facebook-specific service is launched.

"I'm not aware of any technical hurdles we have that would stop it," he said.

"If you give me your game today I can put your game in front of more than 100 million people, easily. Quite honestly if we put you on the homepage of YouTube right now on it's own, you're already hitting that number."

In February last year, a Gaikai-powered Mass Effect 2 demo hit Facebook, while in October, a FIFA 12 demo was playable on YouTube.

Gaikai's primary differentiation from other streaming games services is that it offers its wares for free, doing business with providers rather than end users, but Perry said Gaikai's tech also sets it apart.

"There's a very big difference between the way we're doing it and the way OnLive is doing it. They have to modify the game, they have to get the source code to the game. Gaikai doesn't require modification of the game," he revealed.

"To give you an example The Witcher II was given to us and them at the same time. We went live with Witcher II immediately and now four or five months later they still don't have that live, and that's because they have to touch the code.

"The whole structure of Gaikai is about not touching the code. When we show World of Warcraft it's the real thing, it's not like we had to go and tweak it to get it to work. That means that every game in history remains compatible with our solution."

Peryy took the opportunity to again warn the industry to get on board cloud gaming before it's too late.

"You do not want to be the console that can't do this," he said.

"You do not want to be the retail website that doesn't have playable games on it. You don't want to be the gaming website that you can't buy a game from.

"I don't want to take your console from your cold dead hands, that's not the case at all. You're going to continue to play the way you play, but just imagine that you could have an opinion on all games because you've been able to try all of them. Each evening, flick through four or five games that just came out."

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