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Fullbright's next game won't be "Gone Home in a different house," says developer

Fullbright's Steve Gaynor has said the developers' next game won't be "Gone Home in a different house," as the team wants to expand the scope of its next game.


Speaking with RPS, Gaynor said Fullbright is currently exploring what it wants to do next.

"We want to expand the scope of the next game slightly," he said. "We don’t want to limit ourselves, so we’re exploring what we want to do next, because we don’t want it to be the same thing. We don’t want it to be Gone Home in a different house or whatever.

"[Gone Home is] story-based, but I still think of it as a game where a rich set of mechanics is integral to how it means anything. You could just put the text out there and just tell the story that way, but that’s not the point, right?

"We do want our next game to stand on its own and be a little bit more expanded of a production. But on the other hand, it’s not like we want to hire a team of 50 and become something that is totally divorced from what we’ve already done. It’s just, slow sensible expansion to support what we want to do next, I think."

The next title won't be a traditional game either in a "win-loss" since as the team isn't interested in that sort of project.

"I think that on the one hand, I’m not real interested in making a game that’s about some things that are traditionally game-ey like win-loss conditions and combat and scoring and a lot of stuff that I guess is associated with mechanical progression or optimization or however you look at it," Gaynor said.

"But that said, I think that our design approach is always to say, what kind of experience do we want to get across? And then how do we express that through these consistent interactive tools that the player has to be the driver of that?"

As of February 7, Gone Home has sold over 250,000 copies.

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