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Friday Shorts: Ninja Gaiden Vita, GoldenEye Stealth, RISK and more

A blast of piping hot news right to your face, the highlight of which is a crossover of Metal Gear Solid and the board game RISK.

  • The Battlefield 3 marketing tagline asks players to go 'Beyond the Call' in a not-so-veiled jab at their closest rival.
  • Team Ninja's head has confirmed to Siliconera that Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PlayStation Vita will make use of touch-screen gesture controls.
  • GameSpot has a developer commentary video of Firefall that was originally shown at PAX.
  • Dead Rising Mobile is reduced down to $0.99 from now until September 28th. Capcom has also added a new character to the game.
  • Ubisoft has released a launch trailer for the PS3 version of Child of Eden, which arrives on the machine on September 27th.
  • There's a Metal Gear Solid version of war-based board game RISK. Finally, you can conquer Outer Haven.
  • 1up and GiantBomb have reviewed Burnout: Crash! and been left wanting by it.
  • Joystiq have previewed Level 5's PS3 JRPG Ni No Kuni. It's out in Japan later this year, and will come West in 2012.
  • They've also got a preview of Final Fantasy XIII-2 from TGS. That, too, is out in Japan later this year and will come West next.
  • Valve's Chet Faliszek has re-confirmed that the beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will launch at some point early next month.
  • Fans have discovered that one of the levels in Kirby 64 seems to take place on a post apocalyptic earth, which is strange for a game starring a cute pink blob.
  • Eurogamer has a superb interview with Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert on his history with Nintendo, jumping to Sony platforms and making Starfox 64 3D.
  • EA have some clauses in their terms and conditions that means you waive your right to sue them by agreeing. As with Sony earlier this week, people are getting angry.
  • Zelda boss Eiji Anouma has created a walkthrough video for Ocarina of Time 3D's notorious Water Temple. Learn from the master.
  • MetaCritic has blasted a bunch of user accounts that were deliberately rating games with 0 to lower their User Scores, Giant Bomb reports.
  • The Zelda Symphony Concert in London is completely sold out, but you can win some tickets through EG.
  • The final Black Ops DLC pack, Ressurection, is now out on PC and PSN.
  • CVG has eight minutes of GoldenEye: Reloaded gameplay showing off the stealth systems in the re-imagining.


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