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Free-to-play Mario Kart Tour has a $5 monthly subscription

Mario Kart Tour, which launched today, has a nasty surprise for players.

Mario Kart Tour is a free-to-play game, or free-to-start as Nintendo likes to call it. On top of the typical microtransactions and stamina systems you expect in free-to-play games, Mario Kart Tour has a monthly subscription.

The Gold Pass is a $5/£5 per month service within the game that is the only way to unlock 200cc races. Subscribing also gets you unique, gold patches through in-game challenges, and exclusive gold gifts from racing in tours.

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For reference, $5 per month is more than the cost of Nintendo Switch Online. The option to subscribe becomes available after earning your first cup.

Nintendo is offering new subscribers a two-week trial for the Gold Pass, after which the subscription will automatically renew until cancelled. There's a full FAQ on the official site.

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