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Forza 5 data stored in the cloud is "comparatively small," says Turn 10

Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt has told OXM that even if someone doesn't have a high quality Internet connection, the data stored for Forza 5 in the cloud is "comparatively small," so it shouldn't be an issue.

The game's Drivatar system is stored on the cloud along with at lot of "other things going on,"he said, but there are still some decisions to be made in the game's architecture regarding what "works when and how."

"The files Forza Motorsport 5 sends to and receives from the cloud will be comparatively small," Greenawalt said. "It's not always about the quality of the connection, it's about the processing on the cloud. So it's one thing if you're trying to stream a 1080p video, right, or you're trying to stream a giant 1080p texture, for example, a 4K texture.

"It's another thing if you're sending up some data, and the cloud is condensing that into different data, is processing that and sending back little bits of data. So, for example, when you're looking at a mobile website on your phone, it's text, but all the stuff that created the text, and the advertisements and things like that, they actually happen out there.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that just because we do a lot of processing out there doesn't mean the amount of data coming in and going out is very large. The processing happening out there is incredibly large, but the transfers are small."

Forza 5 is an Xbox One launch title expected in November.

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