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Forza 5 anti-aliasing still an issue unless developing at 4k

Forza 5 has had a bit of spit polish over Forza 4 and according to Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt, the next-gen title run swimmingly on your big TV, but don't expect anti-aliasing issues to be non-existent unless you are running 4K.

Speaking with VG247's Sam Clay at E3, Greenawalt said while some things have changed technically between the two iterations of the racer, some players may still experience a bit of an issue with anti-aliasing - but mainly when it comes to things such as louvers. And there's a reason why this happens, according to Greenawalt.

"Yes, it's changed with Foza 5 but the biggest [cause] is the cars, especially the ones with louvers on the back," he said. "When you have a really bright sky it's going to create a high contrast which makes lines look jagged. So, what we had with Froza 4, was a game that was running at 720p and now with Forza 5 we have 1080p and 60fps and there's a lot of post processing going on as well.

"So, is that going to solve the jaggy line issue entirely? I think it will still be there in the louvers because it would look that way even with a digital camera. While we've taken big leaps and bounds with tech, the idea of completely eliminating the jagged lines technically, it would require a 4K resolution or something like that."

Greenawalt also explained the game's tech to Sam a bit, and you can hear more about it through the video posted earlier.

Forza 5 is an Xbox One launch title expected in November.

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