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Skull Trooper skin returns to Fortnite

The fan-favourite Skull Trooper skin has returned to Fortnite.

Skull Trooper was a Halloween favourite last year bit it isn't necessarily a rare skin, unlike the Power Chord outfit that was re-released a few months ago.

This new Skull Trooper skin comes with a female version too, along with an accompanying Skull Sickle pickaxe and Crypt Cruiser glider. You can earn the Ghostportal backbling by completing challenges.

You can also customise the face with some wicked colours, including dayglow paint.

It's currently available in the item shop, so if you've got the V-Bucks, go crazy.

The Skull Trooper skin was last seen in the trailer for Fortnite Season 6, and goes well with the current spooky theme, as well the pumpkins and spiderwebs that are popping up all over the map.

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