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Fortnite Season 7: new Battle Pass skins | Rick & Morty, Superman

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 7 is here, marking the end of the Primal theme and the arrival of the alien Invasion.

As ever, a new season also means a new Battle Pass, and — as of more recently — a new series of licensed crossover skins. Eager fans of Rick and Morty or DC's Superman are in for a particular treat this season, and there's sure to be some other new faces cropping up too.

New skins in Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass

Rick Sanchez, of Rick and Morty fame, plays a prominent role in the season as a quest giver, as well as being an unlockable skin for Battle Pass owners who reach Page 10.

Rather than rendering him in 3D, the Fortnite devs have chosen to retain his cell-shaded appearance from the cartoon, ensuring that he stands out even more than you'd expect. There's also a variant Toxic Rick skin in the bonus rewards.

The season's other big crossover is yet again a DC Comics title. This time it's a big hitter indeed: none other than Superman himself — though he's consistently referred to as his alias "Clark Kent" in Fortnite.

You'll be able to switch out Clark for Supes using a built-in emote that you unlock separately.

Though the Superman content won't be available in-game for a couple of months yet, we do already know that there will be at least one more variant skin for you to unlock once he joins the Battle Pass.

Rounding out the season's currently announced tie-in skins are two collaborations with horror-slash-fashion-slash-toy artist Guggimon.

You can unlock their base skin on Page 4 of the Battle Pass, as well as a variant in the bonus rewards.

We'll also be seeing quite a bit of the new season's original characters in the skins line-up, starting with the signature character, Doctor Slone.

While the many familiar faces of Jonesy will be making a return, along with numerous other Fortnite mainstays, it seems like Doctor Slone will be using her specific knowledge of creatures from outer space to take the lead against the invaders.

There's a variant skin for Doctor Slone on Page 9 of the Battle Pass, and two more in the bonus rewards.

Other new character skins for the season include Joey — a Snake Plissken fanboy with a rather curious double life as a cute alien lady whose loyalties during the Invasion are currently unclear. Their skins are available on Pages 5 and 6 of the Battle Pass and as bonus rewards.

There's also Sunny, a conspiracy theorist and social media personality who seems to have a lot more sympathy with aliens than with humans. Find her skins on Pages 2 and 3 of the Battle Pass, as well as in the bonus rewards.

Giant mecha battle droid Zyg is yet another character whose exact affiliation in the Invasion story-line seems dubious. As with Joey and Sunny, though, you can't deny how cool they look. Zyg gets three skins at Pages 7 and 9 of the Battle Pass, and in the bonus rewards.

Finally, we have Kymera. Technically, Kymera is the starting skin, unlocked as soon as you purchase the Battle Pass.

While there are no variant skins for Kymera, their appearance is deeply customisable using Alien Artifacts you pick up during matches.

Those are all the new skins we know of for now. However, there are still at least three locked pages of bonus rewards, so we'd be surprised if there weren't more on the way before the season ends.

How to unlock skins in Fortnite Season 7

Chapter 2 Season 7 has brought with it a number of changes to how things work in the game.

Starting with the new season, the Battle Pass will work slightly differently. Rather than all Battle Pass content unlocking in a specific order once you reach certain milestones, Invasion will grant you five Battle Stars every time you level up.

Battle Stars grant you a little more freedom to unlock the content you want first. The tier system has been replaced by advancing pages of content. You can unlock content on a page in any order.

New pages become available when you've spent enough Battle Stars on earlier pages to unlock them, or when you reach a certain level.

In order to unlock new skins, however, it seems that you have to have bought everything in that set on earlier pages to access them. So there are limits to your newfound freedom, and indeed I suspect many players will just continue to unlock everything as soon as they can because there's not really much reason not to.

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