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Former President Bill Clinton turned down Fallout 3 role


Former US president Bill Clinton was offered a role in Fallout 3, but turned it down.

According to an interview with Lev Chapelsky, the general manager of Hollywood-based Blindlight, the firm tried to get Clinton for voice work in Fallout 3 as - what else - the president.

"Celebrity acquisition applies not just to celebrity actors but to sports figures, politicians – we’ve made offers to Bill Clinton for videogames and gotten great responses with attorneys who have said, ‘The former president will not participate in one of your videogame products, thank you very much’," Chapelsky told Edge.

When asked specifically which game he tried to get the man himself to participate in, he replied that it was Bethesda's Fallout 3.

"I think that might have been to play the president in Fallout 3. Wouldn’t that have been brilliant? You get to that point in game and you hear that voice in the ether coming from off-camera and you’re like, ‘I know that guy!’"

Chapelsky also talks about the ever changing attitude among Hollywood actors regarding videogames, and you can read up on all of it through the link.

Thanks, GamePolitics.

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