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Former MS exec says Natal will fail without 360 integration


Scot Bayless, industry vet and former studio manager at Microsoft, has said that he told the company back in 2008 Natal would “fail” unless it was integrated with Xbox 360.

Speaking with Retro Gamer in its latest issue, Bayless said that Natal will split consumers, and put off developers.

"When I met with Microsoft in 2008 to look at Natal I asked: 'When will you integrate this into the 360?' Their response was: 'We're probably going to wait and see on that.' To which I said: Then you're going to fail'", he said.

"Plays like this always fragment, and the disincentive to developers is powerful; when I'm spending tens of millions on a game, the last thing I want to do is lose 90 per cent of my market."

Yesterday, rumors about pricing and bundle plans for Natal surfaced, and it was also revealed that Microsoft may announced the formal name of the camera peripheral at E3 - which was not too surprising.

Bayless was a senior producer at Sega of America during the Mega Drive/Genesis era, and was also an executive at EA, Midway, and most recently Capcom.

Via NowGamer.

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