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Former DICE man Gordon Van Dyke leaves Visceral for Paradox

Gordon Van Dyke has joined Paradox Interactive as a senior producer.

Van Dyke, who left DICE last year to work for Visceral Games left the later for Paradox so that he could move back to Sweden.

"During my time back in California [with Visceral], I married my girlfriend from Sweden and we had a baby," he told Joystiq. "We decided it was best to raise her in Sweden."

A friend of his introduced him to Paradox CEO Fred Wester who hired him two days after an email introduction, and he is pleased with his new gig as it "offers me more room to explore, take risk, and work on creative niche IPs."

"I'm a really quirky dude with a huge passion for the obscure ideas," he added further noting that his new job is a "win/win" for himself and Paradox both where he will be working on Project Postman, a multiplayer-centric game.

"His expertise will help raise the bar in terms of quality and player experience," said Paradox's Wester, who also said Van Dyke was working on "several other titles," at the firm.

The game Van Dyke was working on at Visceral has yet to be announced.

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