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Flower "one of the most emotional games of all time," says Jaffe

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God of War director, David Jaffe, has updated his blog to reveal that That Game Company's Flower is "one of the most emotional games of all time."

"You guys know I'm a disappointed cynic when it comes to video games evoking subtle emotions in players," he said.

"But I'll tell you what - from what I saw on Friday - these guys/gals at TGC are well on their way to having made one of the most emotional games of all time."

"I love what I saw," he went on. "And if the whole game feels like the stuff I saw last week...well wow! Just wow! And the coolest thing to me is, hell, now I'm inspired to step up to the plate and try to do something a bit more meaningful as well. Maybe not with our current title, but one day soon."

We're looking forward to Flower too. Still no news regarding a release date as yet though. Oh well.

By Mike Bowden

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