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First info on Telltale's Jurassic Park gets out: it's inspired by Heavy Rain

jurassic park

The first info on Telltale's telling of Jurassic Park has gotten out via the latest issue of Game Informer, where it's said to be inspired by Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain.

The story is meant to be a sequel to the first film, although some points will take place during the first movie.

Players will face familiar enemies like mercenaries, smugglers and, according to The Escapist, "a new glowing-eyed nocturnal dinosaur threat".

The feature reveals that IP holder Universal didn't want another first-person shooter, and instead landed at adventure specialist Telltale's door.

The developer "realizes this, and is going above and beyond to develop something new" with the title.

The game will still be an adventure game at its heart, but with "a bit more spice". Telltale's studied the movies and has said it believes that the game must have slower-paced character-building like in Heavy Rain.

Executive director Kevin Boyle says that, while its gameplay is still being crafted, players will have "tense portions that leave players scrambling and possibly performing Heavy Rain style inputs".

Jurassic Park Adventures will also feature a decision system that is similar to Heavy Rain.

No date, but it's a five-episode arc on PC and Mac.

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