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Is a LEGO Jurassic World game set for 2015?

Rumours from Toys R Us are suggesting that a LEGO Jurassic World game is on the cards.


The Jurassic World movie is due in cinemas by June 2015, along with multiple toy and promotional tie-ins.

One of those spin-offs would appear to be a new LEGO game based on the movie. This marketing plan allegedly from Toys R Us mentions a "Lego Jurassic World video game contract" is in the works, suggesting it's a very real thing yet to be announced.

LEGO has not yet confirmed it has the Jurassic Park license for brick sets. KREO's Jurassic Park license ends this year.

LEGO has a stack of movie and toy licenses in its portfolio. Some, like Guardians of the Galaxy or TMNT don't get the video game treatment, while others, such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars and LOTRs are all over the shelves.

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