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Firefall's final weekend test throws the doors open to all

Having been on the waiting list since the game's announce, imagine my delight at getting a Firefall invite this morning. Unfortunately for any aspirations to elitism I may have had, this one's an open testing session - everyone is invited to Red 5's final round of testing before the shooter goes live next month.

The final public test weekend kicks off on June 7 - this Friday - ahead of Firefall's long awaited open beta launch on July 9.

As well as opening the doors to all comers for three days, the weekend event will offer a set of Infiltrator Nightvision Goggles and competitions for PC gear - a Razer keyboard, AMS Radeon HD 7970, as well as a Founder's Pack and a Brontodon plushie.

The beta includes an improved Chosen invasion, new locations and missions, overhauled progression and crafting, and new Battleframe abilities.

When Firefall launches, its Founder's Pack will be retired, so if you're keen to have some bragging rights and collect some goodies at reduced price you'd best get on that..

Not really sure what Firefall is? It's a free-to-play MMO shooter with an unusual sci-fi aesthetic and an emphasis on eSports-friendly PvP. Here's quite an odd little trailer for the shooter, positing a corporate rivalry between two manufacturers of Battleframes, Firefall's key gimmick.

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