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Firefall beta weekends dated, sign ups now open

Firefall developer Red 5 has opened up beta registrations for its MMOFPS, as well as dating its beta weekends. Find out when you can get involved below.

PCGamesN reports that registration will enter you in with a chance of receiving a 48-hour beta play pass for one of the games trial weekends. You can sign up via the game's official site here.

Each of the three beta weekends will focus on a different theme, which will test different aspects of the game. The first beta phase starts this weekend and is called 'Thump the Server', and tasks participants with summoning Thumpers to mine minerals on New Eden. The devices attract enemies though, so player will also have to defend their Thumpers while they do their, well, 'thumping'.

The next beta phase is 'Population Control' and it takes place November 30th, and sees players thinning out over-populated species across New Eden.

Phase three is called 'Chosen Invasion' and it begins December 7th, giving players the chance to squad up in an attempt to repel enemies that have begun swarming the planet.

We'll have more on Firefall beta play as it happens.

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