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Final Fantasy 7 PC released, then pulled for shonky DRM - report

The PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII apparently went live over the weekend - but was quickly pulled after complaints of DRM failure.

Joystiq reports the classic RPG was apparently briefly available via its website for $12.70, but the site is back to displaying a "coming soon" message.

An explanation is easily found; Square Enix forum users report the game's SecuROM DRM failed to authenticate automatically or manually, locking users out of the game. Users were unable to contact Square Enix or SecuROM technical support outside of business hours.

It's unclear whether Square Enix pulled the game because the DRM needs a fix, or whether it isn't working because the game was erroneously released early.

The PC port will apparently be one of Square Enix's gamescom headliners, and will include a number of new features like a character booster and cloud saves. Square Enix has not officially dated the re-release.

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