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Final Fantasy Committee formed to oversee franchise's quality - report

Square Enix has reportedly put together an all-star team to oversee the Final Fantasy series as a whole, protecting the brand from disaster by keeping quality high.

According to Japanese fansite FF-Reunion, as translated by Nova Crystallis and Siliconera, the newly-formed Final Fantasy Committee is tasked with ensuring the quality of releases moving forward.

The committee will be led by Yoshinori Kitase (director of FF6, FF7, FF8 and FF10), Hajime Tabata (director of FF Type-0, Crisis Core: FF and Before Crisis: FF), Motomu Toriyama (director of FF13, FF13-2, Lightning Returns: FF13 and FF10/10-2 HD remaster), and Naoki Yoshida (director and producer of relaunch FF14: A Realm Reborn).

Yoshida's inclusion is interesting, as it shows Square Enix has a lot of faith in his reboot of Final Fantasy 14; previously, the developer worked on the Dragon Quest series. Another interesting point is that Final Fantasy 15 director Tetsuya Nomura is not on the list, despite supplying some of the franchise's most loved character designs - but reports suggest he is too busy with other duties, presumably including the Kingdom Hearts series.

The Final Fantasy brand has endured a bit of a battering in recent years - the launch of the original version of Final Fantasy 14 was a disaster; fans have become frustrated waiting for the games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series; and Final Fantasy 13 and its first sequel suffered critical backlash.

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