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Final Fantasy 11's mobile remake screenshots look pretty slick

Final Fantasy 11's mobile remake has its first screenshots, and they look great so far.

Final Fantasy 7 isn't the only Square Enix RPG with a remake underway. A few years back, the publisher partnered with Nexon to develop a mobile edition of its popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy 11. Now this project may finally be bearing fruit, if these screenshots are anything to go on.

The new screenshots come courtesy of Nexon itself, who included them in a new job posting for a character modeler. While they mainly provide a quality baseline for applicants, it also gives fans our first glimpse of the developer's progress so far.

The original Final Fantasy 11 launched in 2002, and was the series' first MMORPG. It took place in the fantasy world of Vana'diel some 20 years after a "Crystal War" devastated its nations and races. The game was a critical success, and an early console success story for MMORPGs.

According to RPG Site, the Final Fantasy 11 mobile remake uses Unreal Engine 4 and will include all content up to the Chains of Promathia expansion. Presumably the remaining three expansions and various add-ons will be featured at a later point.

Nexon currently has no release date for the Final Fantasy 11 remake, but it will have a worldwide launch. The PC version of the game is still available from Square Enix.

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