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Final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts will arrive next week

The fourth and final DLC release for Call of Duty: Ghosts, Nemesis, will be released next week. It will hit Xbox platforms first, as usual.

Starting August 5, Nemesis will introduces four new multiplayer maps, each with Field Orders specific to the map. It also contains the conclusion of Extinction's four-part narrative with Episode 4: Exodus.

The four new small-to-medium multiplayer maps in Nemesis are:

Goldrush: Set in an abandoned gold mine in the Southwest United States, where an intricate network of cavernous tunnels and perilous shafts create the ideal setting for medium to long range combat; while two mine carts race along the abandoned tracks offering players a fast way to traverse the map. Players who complete the unique field order on Goldrush will unleash a howling pack of wolves that will descend upon their enemies.

Subzero: Takes place in a frigid Canadian submarine base that has been hastily evacuated, with control room, submarine pen and research facilities all left eerily empty. Built around the traditional three-lane design, this medium-sized map harbors a mysterious terror that will decimate your enemies upon completion of the map's unique field order.

Dynasty: Set at a lakeside Chinese village surrounded by picturesque mountains, vivid gardens, and spectacular architecture - a serene environment that is anything but Zen-like. Multiple pathways crisscross the village in this medium map with a variety of elevation and numerous back alleys that create flanking routes. The unique field order on "Dynasty" allows players to call in an air strike of vertical takeoff fighter jets, while one lingers behind to give you unmatched air superiority.

Showtime: Is a reimagining of Modern Warfare's Shipment map. In the futuristic arena of "Showtime," blind corners and narrow pathways provide momentary reprieve from the outright mayhem within the central square comprised of several shipping containers. Tight confines call for shotguns and SMGs. Survive long enough to be rewarded with one of three killstreaks: lethal automated gun turrets at key locations on the map, an air drop with multiple care packages or a deadly gas attack that forces the action back into the center of the arena.

Episode 4: Exodus: Following the CIF Unit's harrowing escape from the alien underworld and the successful recovery of Dr. Cross and the cortex, the team has flown in to fight off the Cryptid army's siege of the last bastion of human resistance. Your mission is to get key personnel to safety by restoring power to the shuttle and launching the shuttle to a low earth orbit space station.

Nemesis will run you $14.99 if you don't own the Season Pass.

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