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Fight Night team to develop EA's UFC game

EA Canada's Fight Night studio in Burnaby has been chosen to develop the first game based on the recently-acquired UFC license.

EA Sports confirmed the team selection with Kotaku, giving the temporary title of EA Sports UFC.

A new division, apparently called the Fighting Team, has been created to oversee EA Sports' combat-centric titles. Fight Night Champion design lead Brian Hayes will serve as creative director for the new squad.

Hayes told Kotaku EA Canda is pleased as punch (gettit) about the new project, which was a smuch of a surprise to them as to us.

"Most of the team didn't even know about [the new UFC game] until the announcement at E3. We were all watching it together and when Andrew Wilson and [UFC president] Dana White took the stage, everybody starting cheering. It was great," he said.

THQ sold the UFC license after its third game won critical praise but failed to break even; the team behind the game was laid off, axing an in-progress fourth game.

Pictured: THQ's UFC Undisputed 3.

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