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EA issues "technical error" statement on paid UFC & FIFA 14 demos

EA Sports UFC can be sampled in demo form on Xbox One, but as one reader has pointed out, the demo comes with a price tag on the Australian store.


We've just received a statement from our UK EA rep on the paid demos that reads, "The price associated with the FIFA 14 and EA SPORTS UFC demos was due to a technical error. Both demos have now been fixed in the Microsoft store.”

There you go. They're now free again.


I just took some photos of the Xbox One store charging me £3.99 for the FIFA 14 demo:

fifa_14 demo

fifa 14 paid demo


Polygon has cited an EA Australia rep as saying the priced FIFA 14 and UFC demos are due to a system error.

When I called our UK EA rep, they told me there was no official comment on the matter.

Stay tuned.


I just tried to buy the FIFA 14 and UFC demos from the UK Xbox One console store, and it tried to charge me £3.99.

Here's a grab from the UK web store as well:


Stay tuned, we're expecting a statement from EA later today.


It's official. Both demos cost £3.99 in the UK as well. I've emailed EA to see if we can get an explanation.

When I try going to the FIFA 14 page on the Xbox One UK site, I'm greeted with this:



I just checked the Xbox One Australian webstore and found that the FIFA 14 demo also costs $4.99 in Australia:

fifa 14

Here's a another paid demo tweet, courtesy of @RaygunBrown.



The image comes from Aussie_Legend on Twitter. Thank you good sir.

He sent us an off-screen photo to show that this hasn't been fudged or anything like that:

ea Sports UFC

We're guessing this is a mistake, but in the wake of Dungeon Keeper in-app purchasing controversy, and other money based hilarity out of EA, this doesn't look great.

What do you think?

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