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FIFA Street producer: Past games "left a bad taste" in players' mouths

EA Canada has learned from the mistakes of previous FIFA Street games.

"FIFA Street 1 and 2 actually did quite well. They were very popular in terms of sales, but the thing is, they were not that popular in terms of their overall quality," producer Sid Misra said, speaking to Gamasutra.

"FIFA Street 3 in particular left a bad taste in people's mouths. The art style wasn't really well received, and I think that's partly an indication of where the overall game quality was."

Misra blamed previous incarnations' failures on poor engine choice.

"Those teams took on the additional challenge of using rendering engines from other games and not the gameplay engine from FIFA - basically, they were trying to build a street football game without a football engine underneath it," he said.

"That's partially why we used the FIFA engine for our game."

The producer sais that making the game be something more than just FIFA is difficult, but using the same core tech is important.

"For us to make a good street football game, we had to have an engine flexible enough to do a physical game like they play in London or a stylish game like they play in Rio," he explained.

"We think that the things people can do in street football already are pretty amazing. If we can capture that properly, by definition FIFA Street will be a more arcadey game."

FIFA Street arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March.

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