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FIFA Street venues "more than just window dressing"

All those locations in FIFA Street aren't just to fill up the map; different venues vary right down to the physics.

"We want the venues to be more than just window dressing. If we're gonna create all these venues we wanted them to offer something, an actual element of the gameplay itself," line producer Sid Misra said.

"We have different physics of the walls themselves, so if you're playing in a gym and you have like a standard brick wall on one side, and maybe more of a fence wall on the other side, the physics of the fence versus brick play quite differently. The surface also play slightly differently."

See the full rundown in a developer diary below. FIFA Street launches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 13 in the US and May 16 in Europe.

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Bonus section: Because it's apparently against the law for any publisher to ignore Valentine's Day, here's another, suitably cuddly trailer called Love Skills.

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