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FIFA PC players have low spec machines, EA Sports boss says

The majority of PC gamers interested in playing FIFA games aren't running high-end machines, according to EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson.

Speaking to Polygon, Wilson said the low spec PCs of FIFA fans are a barrier to the new Ignite Engine making its way to more than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. FIFA 11, he said, is a perfect example of a console game which could not run on the PCs of the people who wanted it.

"Even though there were some PCs on the marketplace that could run that engine, the lion's share of PCs on the marketplace could not," he said.

"And the majority of the gamer base that was playing the game on PC did not have a PC spec that would work with that."

Apparently that situation still holds true today, and it may quite some time before EA brings its newest engine to PC; Ignite designed around next-gen console hardware, and the average spec of the kind of PC gamers who want to play PC would have to rise.

"So could I see the potential for EA Sports Ignite to make it to PC in the future? Yes, I think it's possible, but a couple of things need to happen," he said.

"There needs to be some adjustment in terms of how EA Sports Ignite works to facilitate the open nature of PC architecture, rather than the closed nature of console architecture."

The Ignite Engine will be used in next-gen EA Sports titles like FIFA, Madden, UFC and NBA Live.

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