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Nomura says Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released in small chunks to speed up development

Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase recently explained that Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) would be released in small chunks as a means of speeding up development time.

The news appeared on Twitter after a translator broke down a range of quotes appearing in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania book. You can check out the original tweet below.

"We wanted to have the last boss fight take place at the highway in Midgar, which arises questions that I cannot answer," Nomura said. "There is a character who’s alive, which leads to a great mystery." Cryptic, eh?

In relation to how many parts Final Fantasy 7 Remake will eventually comprise, Kitase said, "We have a general idea of how the story will play out, but we haven't decided exactly [how many parts], nor can we confirm anything."

"There's speculation that it will be three parts, but we're just doing things one step at a time."


Nomura also commented on when we can expect the next part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to drop, although the answer is typically ambiguous: "Depends on how many parts the overall story will be. If we divide the story into large parts, it'll take longer to make. If we divide it into more detailed smaller sections, then developing it will be faster. I hope to release the next one as soon as possible."

The translator in question summed up their thread in a final tweet, breaking down the core of what transpired in the interview:

"Basically Nomura is saying that if they focus on shorter stories within the overall story (let's say, focusing entirely on Junon alone as a crazy idea), it'll be much faster to develop as opposed to taking the OG story in big chunks and developing those as whole installments."

The original source, tweeted in Japanese, is also cited:

If you've yet to play Final Fantasy 7 remake, check out our spoiler-free review (this game are sick). If you've played it and are still a tad confused as to what to expect next, we've also broken down what the ending actually means for you. Also, Red XIII is playable in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, if you know how.

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