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FF Type-0's Ace and Queen detailed through Jump scan

Jump has revealed some of the characters in Final Fantasy Type-0 along with a small preview, there's some artwork in the issue as well.

A scan of the feature can be found over on ScrawlFX, and it shows Ace and Queen, two of the 12 playable characters from class zero in Rubrum, Suzaku’s magic school.

Ace will use different card attacks, and the Queen uses combos and other techniques to get the job done.

It was also noted that the world of Oriens has four nations, each at war the other and powered by special crystals.

Each of the worlds are named for a major Chinese constellations:

  • Byakko the steel arm
  • Genbu the solid shield
  • Seiryu the incorruptible eye
  • Suzaku the blazing wing

Final Fantasy Type-0 launches this summer in Japan for PSP. A western date has yet to be announced.

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